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2022-02-02CNNSean Lyngaas
US officials prepare for potential Russian cyberattacks as Ukraine standoff continues
2021-06-01CyberScoopSean Lyngaas
Ex-US ambassador, anti-corruption activists in Ukraine were targets of suspected Russian phishing
2021-04-16CyberScoopSean Lyngaas
FIN7 'technical guru' sentenced to 10 years in prison
2020-11-05SCYTHEJorge Orchilles, Sean Lyngaas
#ThreatThursday - Ryuk
BazarBackdoor Ryuk
2020-10-21CyberScoopSean Lyngaas
'MuddyWater' spies suspected in attacks against Middle East governments, telecoms
2020-10-19CyberScoopSean Lyngaas
Industry alert pins state, local government hacking on suspected Russian group (Temp.Isotope)
2020-05-28CyberScoopSean Lyngaas
Israeli official confirms attempted cyberattack on water systems
2020-05-28CyberScoopSean Lyngaas
German intelligence agencies warn of Russian hacking threats to critical infrastructure
2019-05-09CyberScoopSean Lyngaas
Chinese national indicted for 2015 Anthem breach