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2023-12-07The RecordAlexander Martin
UK names FSB unit behind hack-and-leak campaigns, summons Russian ambassador
2023-12-04The RecordJonathan Greig
Florida water agency latest to confirm cyber incident as feds warn of nation-state attacks
2023-12-01The RecordDaryna Antoniuk
Russian developer of Trickbot malware pleads guilty, faces 35-year sentence
2023-11-06The RecordDaryna Antoniuk
Iran-linked hackers attack Israeli education and tech organizations
Pink Sandstorm
2023-10-15The RecordJonathan Greig
Colonial Pipeline attributes ransomware claims to ‘unrelated’ third-party data breach
2023-10-10The RecordDaryna Antoniuk
Hacktivists take sides in Israel-Palestinian war
2023-10-03The RecordJonathan Greig
NATO 'actively addressing' alleged cyberattack affecting some websites
2023-09-18The RecordJonathan Greig
"Scattered Spider" group launches ransomware attacks while expanding targets in hospitality, retail
RedLine Stealer
2023-07-05The RecordDaryna Antoniuk
Belarusian hacktivists сlaim to breach country’s leading state university
Cyber Partisans
2023-07-04The RecordJonathan Greig
Fort Worth officials say leaked data came from Public Information Act request
2023-03-07The RecordDina Temple-Raston, Will Jarvis
Internal documents show Mexican army used spyware against civilians, set up secret military intelligence unit
Chrysaor Guacamaya
2023-02-15The RecordDaryna Antoniuk
Scandinavian Airlines hit by cyberattack, ‘Anonymous Sudan’ claims responsibility
2023-01-20The RecordJonathan Greig
Samsung investigating claims of hack on South Korea systems, internal employee platform
2023-01-10The RecordDaryna Antoniuk
Pro-Ukraine hackers leak Russian data in hopes someone will make sense of it
Cyber Partisans
2022-12-29The RecordDaryna Antoniuk
This app will self-destruct: How Belarusian hackers created an alternative Telegram for activists
Cyber Partisans
2022-12-20The RecordAlexander Martin
Russian hackers targeted petroleum refining company in NATO state
2022-11-22The RecordDina Temple-Raston
The Yanluowang ransomware group in their own words
2022-10-31The RecordAlexander Martin
Mondelez and Zurich reach settlement in NotPetya cyberattack insurance suit
2022-04-29The RecordJonathan Greig
German wind farm operator confirms cybersecurity incident
Black Basta BlackCat
2022-03-30The RecordJonathan Greig
Hive ransomware shuts down California health care organization
Hive Hive