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2022-11-02Twitter (@_CPResearch_)Checkpoint Research
Tweet on Azov Wiper
Azov Wiper
2022-06-28Twitter (@_CPResearch_)Check Point Research
Tweet on malware used against Steel Industry in Iran
Meteor Predatory Sparrow
2022-01-21Twitter (@_CPResearch_)Check Point Research
Tweet on WhiteLambert malware
2021-11-16Twitter (@_CPResearch_)Check Point Research
Tweet on 32bit version of CVE-2021-1732 exploited by BITTER group
2021-10-12Twitter (@_CPResearch_)Check Point Research
Tweet of re-emergence phorpiex with a new "Twizt" module
2019-12-03Twitter (@_CPResearch_)Check Point Research
Tweet on Afrodita Ransomware