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2023-04-20VirusTotalVicente Diaz
APT43: An investigation into the North Korean group’s cybercrime operations
2022-08-17VirusTotalAlexey Firsh, Vicente Diaz
Hunting Follina
2021-10-13VirusTotalVicente Diaz
We analyzed 80 million ransomware samples – here’s what we learned
2021-07-15BrightTALKAriel Jungheit, Kaspersky, Mathieu Gaucheler, Vicente Diaz
Visual investigations - Speed up your IR, Forensic Analysis and Hunting
Tiger RAT
2020-10-13VirusTotalGerardo Fernández, Vicente Diaz
Tracing fresh Ryuk campaigns itw
2018-12-05Kaspersky LabsCostin Raiu, Vicente Diaz
APT review of the year
CardinalLizard ShaggyPanther