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Earth Kitsune is an advanced persistent threat actor that has been active since at least 2019. They primarily target individuals interested in North Korea and use various tactics, such as compromising websites and employing social engineering, to distribute self-developed backdoors. Earth Kitsune demonstrates technical proficiency and continuously evolves their tools, tactics, and procedures. They have been associated with malware such as WhiskerSpy and SLUB.

Associated Families

There are currently no families associated with this actor.

2023-02-17Trend MicroJaromír Hořejší, Joseph C Chen
Earth Kitsune Delivers New WhiskerSpy Backdoor via Watering Hole Attack
WhiskerSpy Earth Kitsune
2020-12-15Trend MicroWilliam Gamazo Sanchez
Who is the Threat Actor Behind Operation Earth Kitsune?
Freenki Loader SLUB Earth Kitsune
2020-10-28Trend MicroAliakbar Zahravi, Cedric Pernet, Daniel Lunghi, Elliot Cao, Jaromír Hořejší, John Zhang, Joseph C Chen, William Gamazo Sanchez
Operation Earth Kitsune: A Dance of Two New Backdoors
AgfSpy DneSpy SLUB Earth Kitsune

Credits: MISP Project