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2024-03-18Trend MicroDaniel Lunghi, Joseph C Chen
Earth Krahang Exploits Intergovernmental Trust to Launch Cross-Government Attacks
DinodasRAT PlugX Reshell ShadowPad Earth Krahang
2023-03-29Trend MicroJaromír Hořejší, Joseph C Chen
New OpcJacker Malware Distributed via Fake VPN Malvertising
NetSupportManager RAT OpcJacker
2023-02-17Trend MicroJaromír Hořejší, Joseph C Chen
Earth Kitsune Delivers New WhiskerSpy Backdoor via Watering Hole Attack
WhiskerSpy Earth Kitsune
2022-08-11Trend MicroJaromír Hořejší, Joseph C Chen
CopperStealer Distributes Malicious Chromium-based Browser Extension to Steal Cryptocurrencies
2021-07-07Trend MicroGloria Chen, Jaromír Hořejší, Joseph C Chen, Kenney Lu
BIOPASS RAT: New Malware Sniffs Victims via Live Streaming
BIOPASS Cobalt Strike Derusbi
2021-04-28Trend MicroJaromír Hořejší, Joseph C Chen
Water Pamola Attacked Online Shops Via Malicious Orders (APPENDIX)
2021-04-28Trend MicroJaromír Hořejší, Joseph C Chen
Water Pamola Attacked Online Shops Via Malicious Orders
Ghost RAT
2020-12-09Trend MicroEcular Xu, Jaromír Hořejší, Joseph C Chen
SideWinder Leverages South Asian Territorial Issues for Spear Phishing and Mobile Device Attacks
Meterpreter SideWinder RAZOR TIGER
2020-10-28Trend MicroAliakbar Zahravi, Cedric Pernet, Daniel Lunghi, Elliot Cao, Jaromír Hořejší, John Zhang, Joseph C Chen, William Gamazo Sanchez
Operation Earth Kitsune: A Dance of Two New Backdoors
AgfSpy DneSpy SLUB Earth Kitsune
2020-06-26Trend MicroJoseph C Chen
US Local Government Services Targeted by New Magecart Credit Card Skimming Attack
2020-06-11Trend MicroEcular Xu, Joseph C Chen
Phishing Attacks from Earth Empusa Reveal ActionSpy
2020-01-06Trend MicroEcular Xu, Joseph C Chen
First Active Attack Exploiting CVE-2019-2215 Found on Google Play, Linked to SideWinder APT Group
2019-05-03Trend MicroJoseph C Chen
Mirrorthief Group Uses Magecart Skimming Attack to Hit Hundreds of Campus Online Stores in US and Canada
2018-09-18Trend MicroJoseph C Chen
Magecart Skimming Attack Targets Mobile Users of Hotel Chain Booking Websites
2018-08-21Trend MicroJaromír Hořejší, Joseph C Chen, Kawabata Kohei, Kenney Lu
Operation Red Signature Targets South Korean Companies
9002 RAT PlugX Operation Red Signature
2018-07-16Trend MicroJoseph C Chen
New Andariel Reconnaissance Tactics Uncovered
2016-06-22Trend MicroJoseph C Chen
After Angler: Shift in Exploit Kit Landscape and New Crypto-Ransomware Activity
GooPic Drooper