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FireEye first identified this activity during a recent investigation at an organization in the financial industry. They identified the presence of a financially motivated threat group that they track as FIN1, whose activity at the organization dated back several years. The threat group deployed numerous malicious files and utilities, all of which were part of a malware ecosystem referred to as ‘Nemesis’ by the malware developer(s), and used this malware to access the victim environment and steal cardholder data. FIN1, which may be located in Russia or a Russian-speaking country based on language settings in many of their custom tools, is known for stealing data that is easily monetized from financial services organizations such as banks, credit unions, ATM operations, and financial transaction processing and financial business services companies.

Associated Families

There are currently no families associated with this actor.

2015-12-07FireEyeDimiter Andonov, Jay Taylor, Nalani Fraser, Will Matson, William Ballenthin
Thriving Beyond The Operating System: Financial Threat Group Targets Volume Boot Record

Credits: MISP Project