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2024-01-12MandiantDimiter Andonov, Gabby Roncone, John Wolfram, Matt Lin, Robert Wallace, Tyler McLellan
Cutting Edge: Suspected APT Targets Ivanti Connect Secure VPN in New Zero-Day Exploitation
2023-04-20MandiantADRIAN SANCHEZ, DANIEL SCOTT, Dimiter Andonov, Fred Plan, Jake Nicastro, JEFF JOHNSON, Marius Fodoreanu, RENATO FONTANA
3CX Software Supply Chain Compromise Initiated by a Prior Software Supply Chain Compromise; Suspected North Korean Actor Responsible
POOLRAT IconicStealer UNC4736
2021-05-04FireEyeDimiter Andonov, Nick Richard
The UNC2529 Triple Double: A Trifecta Phishing Campaign
2021-04-20FireEyeDan Perez, Dimiter Andonov, Greg Wood, Jacob Thompson, Jonathan Lepore, Josh Triplett, Joshua Villanueva, Regina Elwell, Sarah Jones, Stephen Eckels, Stroz Friedberg
Check Your Pulse: Suspected APT Actors Leverage Authentication Bypass Techniques and Pulse Secure Zero-Day
2016-04-19FireEyeCian Lynch, Claudiu Teodorescu, Dimiter Andonov
MULTIGRAIN – Point of Sale Attackers Make an Unhealthy Addition to the Pantry
Multigrain POS
2015-12-07FireEyeDimiter Andonov, Jay Taylor, Nalani Fraser, Will Matson, William Ballenthin
Thriving Beyond The Operating System: Financial Threat Group Targets Volume Boot Record