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aka: Elephant Beetle, TG2003

Since 2017, Mandiant has been tracking FIN13, an industrious and versatile financially motivated threat actor conducting long-term intrusions in Mexico with an activity timeframe stretching back as early as 2016. Although their operations continue through the present day, in many ways FIN13's intrusions are like a time capsule of traditional financial cybercrime from days past. Instead of today's prevalent smash-and-grab ransomware groups, FIN13 takes their time to gather information to perform fraudulent money transfers. Rather than relying heavily on attack frameworks such as Cobalt Strike, the majority of FIN13 intrusions involve heavy use of custom passive backdoors and tools to lurk in environments for the long haul.

Associated Families

There are currently no families associated with this actor.

2022-07-18NetWitnessStefano Maccaglia, Will Gragido
FIN13 (Elephant Beetle): Viva la Threat! Anatomy of a Fintech Attack
2022-01-05SYGNIAAmnon Kushnir, Arie Zilberstein, Boaz Wasserman, Itay Shohat, Noam Lifshitz, Oren Biderman, Yoav Mazor
Elephant Beetle: Uncovering an Organized Financial-Theft Operation
2022-01-04SYGNIASygnia Incident Response Team
TG2003: Elephant Beetle - Uncovering an Organized Financial-theft Operation
2021-12-07MandiantJake Nicastro, Nick Richard, Rufus Brown, Van Ta
FIN13: A Cybercriminal Threat Actor Focused on Mexico
jspRAT win.rekoobe FIN13

Credits: MISP Project