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FireEye recently looked deeper into the activity discussed in TrendMicro’s blog and dubbed the “Siesta” campaign. The tools, modus operandi, and infrastructure used in the campaign present two possibilities: either the Chinese cyber-espionage unit APT1 is perpetrating this activity, or another group is using the same tactics and tools as the legacy APT1. The Siesta campaign reinforces the fact that analysts and network defenders should remain on the lookout for known, public indicators and for shared attributes that allow security experts to detect multiple actors with one signature.

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2014-03-12FireEyeNed Moran, Mike Oppenheim
@online{moran:20140312:detailed:79efe09, author = {Ned Moran and Mike Oppenheim}, title = {{A Detailed Examination of the Siesta Campaign}}, date = {2014-03-12}, organization = {FireEye}, url = {}, language = {English}, urldate = {2019-12-20} } A Detailed Examination of the Siesta Campaign
APT1 Siesta

Credits: MISP Project