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aka: Genesis Day, Teng Snake

Xiaoqiying is a primarily Chinese-speaking threat group that is most well known for conducting website defacement and data exfiltration attacks on more than a dozen South Korean research and academic institutions in late-January 2023. Research from Recorded Futures Insikt Group has found that the groups affiliated threat actors have signaled a new round of cyberattacks against organizations in Japan and Taiwan. Although it shows no clear ties to the Chinese government, Xiaoqiying is staunchly pro-China and vows to target NATO countries as well as any country or region that is deemed hostile to China.

Associated Families

There are currently no families associated with this actor.

2023-04-20Recorded FutureInsikt Group
Xiaoqiying/Genesis Day Threat Actor Group Targets South Korea, Taiwan
2023-01-20The RecordJonathan Greig
Samsung investigating claims of hack on South Korea systems, internal employee platform
2022-07-06Medium s2wlabHOTSAUCE | S2W TALON
变脸, Teng Snake (a.k.a. Code Core)
CodeCore Xiaoqiying

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