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Actor(s): APT28, Sandworm

During a campaign against a Ukrainian energy provider, a new loader of a new version of CaddyWiper called "ArguePatch" was observed by ESET researchers. ArguePatch is a modified version of Hex-Ray's Remote Debugger Server (win32_remote.exe).
ArguePatch expects a decryption key and the file of the CaddyWiper shellcode as command line parameters.

2022-09-23MandiantMandiant Intelligence
@online{intelligence:20220923:gru:511ea47, author = {Mandiant Intelligence}, title = {{GRU: Rise of the (Telegram) MinIOns}}, date = {2022-09-23}, organization = {Mandiant}, url = {}, language = {English}, urldate = {2022-09-26} } GRU: Rise of the (Telegram) MinIOns
ArguePatch CaddyWiper
2022-04-12ESET ResearchESET Research
@online{research:20220412:industroyer2:4d6c5f8, author = {ESET Research}, title = {{Industroyer2: Industroyer reloaded}}, date = {2022-04-12}, organization = {ESET Research}, url = {}, language = {English}, urldate = {2022-04-13} } Industroyer2: Industroyer reloaded
ArguePatch CaddyWiper Industroyer INDUSTROYER2

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