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Ploutus ATM

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2021-11-10CrowdStrikeAntonio Parata
Ploutus ATM Malware Case Study: Automated Deobfuscation of a Strongly Obfuscated .NET Binary
Ploutus ATM
2021-03-02Metabase QJesus Dominguez, Ocelot Offensive Security Team
Ploutus is back, targeting Itautec ATMs in Latin America
Ploutus ATM
2021-02-22AdvIntelBeatriz Pimenta Klein
Economic Growth, Digital Inclusion, & Specialized Crime: Financial Cyber Fraud in LATAM
BRATA Mekotio Metamorfo Ploutus ATM VictoryGate
2019-05-30Talos IntelligenceVanja Svajcer
10 years of virtual dynamite: A high-level retrospective of ATM malware
FastCash Project Alice Cutlet Ploutus ATM Skimer Tyupkin
2018-03-30Trend MicroDavid Sancho, Massimiliano Michenz, Numaan Huq
Cashing in on ATM Malware: A Comprehensive Look at Various Attack Types
Project Alice ATMitch Ploutus ATM Ripper ATM Skimer SUCEFUL Tyupkin
2018-02-26Secure coding and more blogAntonio Parata
Analyzing the nasty .NET protection of the Ploutus.D malware
Ploutus ATM
2017-01-12FireEyeDaniel Regalado
New Variant of Ploutus ATM Malware Observed in the Wild in Latin America
Ploutus ATM

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