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2023-03-09Talos IntelligenceAndrew Windsor, Vanja Svajcer
Prometei botnet improves modules and exhibits new capabilities in recent updates
2022-05-03Talos IntelligenceJON MUNSHAW
Conti and Hive ransomware operations: What we learned from these groups' victim chats
Conti Hive
2022-01-21Talos IntelligenceChris Neal, Dmytro Korzhevin, Matt Olney, Michael Chen, Nick Biasini
Ukraine Campaign Delivers Defacement and Wipers, in Continued Escalation
2021-09-21Talos IntelligenceTalos
TinyTurla - Turla deploys new malware to keep a secret backdoor on victim machines
2021-07-29Talos IntelligenceAndrew Windsor, Chris Neal
Talos Spotlight: Solarmarker
2021-07-07Talos IntelligenceAsheer Malhotra, Justin Thattil
InSideCopy: How this APT continues to evolve its arsenal
AllaKore NjRAT SideCopy
2020-08-13Talos IntelligenceMartin Lee, Paul Rascagnères, Vitor Ventura
Attribution: A Puzzle
WellMail elf.wellmess AcidBox WellMess
2020-07-22Talos IntelligenceVanja Svajcer
Prometei botnet and its quest for Monero
2020-06-22Talos IntelligenceAsheer Malhotra
IndigoDrop spreads via military-themed lures to deliver Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike IndigoDrop
2020-06-11Talos IntelligenceJoe Marshall, Kendall McKay
Tor2Mine is up to their old tricks — and adds a few new ones
Azorult Remcos
2019-09-11Talos IntelligenceLuke DuCharme, Paul Lee
Watchbog and the Importance of Patching
2019-07-09Talos IntelligenceDanny Adamitis, Paul Rascagnères
Sea Turtle Keeps on Swimming
2019-05-30Talos IntelligenceVanja Svajcer
10 years of virtual dynamite: A high-level retrospective of ATM malware
FastCash Project Alice Cutlet Ploutus ATM Skimer Tyupkin
2018-07-03Talos IntelligenceBen Baker, Holger Unterbrink
Smoking Guns - Smoke Loader learned new tricks
SmokeLoader TrickBot
2018-01-22Talos IntelligenceVitor Ventura
SamSam - The Evolution Continues Netting Over $325,000 in 4 Weeks
2017-09-05Talos IntelligenceHolger Unterbrink, Matthew Molyett
Graftor - But I Never Asked for This…
2016-09-27Talos IntelligenceEdmund Brumaghin
Threat Spotlight: GozNym
2016-02-09Talos IntelligenceAlexander Chiu
Bedep Lurking in Angler's Shadows