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Saitama Backdoor

aka: AMATIAS, Saitama

Actor(s): OilRig

This in .Net witten backdoor abuses the DNS protocoll for its C2 communication. Also other techniques (e.g. long random sleeps, compression) are used to become more stealthy.

2023-02-02Trend MicroMahmoud Zohdy, Mohamed Fahmy, Sherif Magdy
New APT34 Malware Targets The Middle East
Karkoff RedCap Saitama Backdoor
2022-06-24XJuniorMohamed Ashraf
APT34 - Saitama Agent
Saitama Backdoor
2022-06-13SANS ISCRenato Marinho
Translating Saitama's DNS tunneling messages
Saitama Backdoor
2022-05-11FortinetFred Gutierrez
Please Confirm You Received Our APT
Saitama Backdoor
2022-05-10Malwarebytes LabsThreat Intelligence Team
APT34 targets Jordan Government using new Saitama backdoor
Saitama Backdoor

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