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2022-12-08FortinetFred Gutierrez, Shunichi Imano
Ransomware Roundup – New Vohuk, ScareCrow, and AERST Variants
AESRT ScareCrow Vohuk
2022-08-22FortinetFred Gutierrez, Shunichi Imano
A Tale of PivNoxy and Chinoxy Puppeteer
Chinoxy Poison Ivy
2022-06-02FortiGuard LabsFred Gutierrez, Gergely Revay, James Slaughter, Shunichi Imano
Threat Actors Prey on Eager Travelers
AsyncRAT NetWire RC Quasar RAT
2022-06-01FortinetFred Gutierrez, James Slaughter, Shunichi Imano
CVE-2022-30190: Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) RCE Vulnerability “Follina”
2022-05-11FortinetFred Gutierrez
Please Confirm You Received Our APT
Saitama Backdoor
2022-03-28FortinetFred Gutierrez, James Slaughter, Val Saengphaibul
Spoofed Invoice Used to Drop IcedID
2022-03-07FortinetFred Gutierrez, James Slaughter, Val Saengphaibul
Fake Purchase Order Used to Deliver Agent Tesla
Agent Tesla
2022-02-24FortinetFred Gutierrez
Nobelium Returns to the Political World Stage
Cobalt Strike
2022-02-14FortinetFred Gutierrez, James Slaughter, Shunichi Imano
NFT Lure Used to Distribute BitRAT
2022-01-10FortinetFred Gutierrez, Shunichi Imano
COVID Omicron Variant Lure Used to Distribute RedLine Stealer
RedLine Stealer
2021-11-11FortinetFred Gutierrez, Shunichi Imano
To Joke or Not to Joke: COVID-22 Brings Disaster to MBR
2021-10-28FortinetFred Gutierrez, Shunichi Imano
Chaos Ransomware Variant in Fake Minecraft Alt List Brings Destruction to Japanese Gamers
2021-09-30FortinetFred Gutierrez, Shunichi Imano
Ranion Ransomware - Quiet and Persistent RaaS
2021-07-26FortninetFred Gutierrez, Shunichi Imano
Wiper Malware Riding the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games
2021-07-19FortinetFred Gutierrez, Val Saengphaibul
Signed, Sealed, and Delivered – Signed XLL File Delivers Buer Loader
2021-05-17FortinetFred Gutierrez, Gayathri Thirugnanasambandam, Val Saengphaibul
Newly Discovered Function in DarkSide Ransomware Variant Targets Disk Partitions
2021-05-03FortinetFred Gutierrez, Val Saengphaibul
Spearphishing Attack Uses COVID-21 Lure to Target Ukrainian Government
2020-12-16FortinetFred Gutierrez, Val Saengphaibul
Adversary Playbook: JavaScript RAT Looking for that Government Cheese
2020-07-01FortinetBen Hunter, Fred Gutierrez
EKANS Ransomware Targeting OT ICS Systems
2020-06-15FortinetFred Gutierrez, Val Saengphaibul
Global Malicious Spam Campaign Using Black Lives Matter as a Lure
2012-12-20SymantecFred Gutierrez
Trojan.Stabuniq Found on Financial Institution Servers