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2024-02-29SANS ISCJohn Moutos
Dissecting DarkGate: Modular Malware Delivery and Persistence as a Service
2023-11-01SANS ISCXavier Mertens
Malware Dropped Through a ZPAQ Archive
2023-05-30SANS ISCBrad Duncan
Malspam pushes ModiLoader (DBatLoader) infection for Remcos RAT
2023-04-12SANS ISCBrad Duncan
Recent IcedID (Bokbot) activity
2023-01-18SANS ISCBrad Duncan
Malicious Google Ad --> Fake Notepad++ Page --> Aurora Stealer malware
Aurora Stealer
2022-12-18SANS ISCGuy Bruneau
Infostealer Malware with Double Extension
Agent Tesla
2022-08-19SANS ISCBrad Duncan
Brazil malspam pushes Astaroth (Guildma) malware
2022-08-12SANS ISCBrad Duncan
Monster Libra (TA551/Shathak) pushes IcedID (Bokbot) with Dark VNC and Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike DarkVNC IcedID
2022-07-27SANS ISCBrad Duncan
IcedID (Bokbot) with Dark VNC and Cobalt Strike
DarkVNC IcedID
2022-07-07SANS ISCBrad Duncan
Emotet infection with Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike Emotet
2022-06-17SANS ISCBrad Duncan
Malspam pushes Matanbuchus malware, leads to Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike Matanbuchus
2022-06-16SANS ISCXavier Mertens
Houdini is Back Delivered Through a JavaScript Dropper
2022-06-13SANS ISCRenato Marinho
Translating Saitama's DNS tunneling messages
Saitama Backdoor
2022-05-20SANS ISCXavier Mertens
A 'Zip Bomb' to Bypass Security Controls & Sandboxes
2022-05-11SANS ISCBrad Duncan
TA578 using thread-hijacked emails to push ISO files for Bumblebee malware
2022-04-25SANS ISCXavier Mertens
Simple PDF Linking to Malicious Content
2022-04-20SANS ISCBrad Duncan
'aa' distribution Qakbot (Qbot) infection with DarkVNC traffic
2022-04-06SANS ISCBrad Duncan
Windows MetaStealer Malware
2022-03-31SANS ISCJohannes Ullrich
Spring Vulnerability Update - Exploitation Attempts CVE-2022-22965
2022-03-25SANS ISCXavier Mertens
XLSB Files: Because Binary is Stealthier Than XML