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2021-02-10LookoutApurva Kumar, Kristin Del Rosso
Lookout Discovers Novel Confucius APT Android Spyware Linked to India-Pakistan Conflict
2020-12-16LookoutApurva Kumar, Diane Wee, Justin Albrecht, Robert Nickle
Lookout Discovers New Spyware Used by Sextortionists to Blackmail iOS and Android Users
2020-07-01LookoutApurva Kumar, Christoph Hebeisen, Kristin Del Rosso
Multiyear Surveillance Campaigns Discovered Targeting Uyghurs
2020-06-01LookoutApurva Kumar, Christoph Hebeisen, Kristin Del Rosso
Mobile APT SurveillanceCampaigns Targeting Uyghurs A collection of long-running Android tooling connected to a Chinese mAPT actor
CarbonSteal DoubleAgent GoldenEagle SilkBean
2018-01-18LookoutAndrew Blaich, Apurva Kumar, Cooper Quintin, Eva Galperin, Jeremy Richards, Michael Flossman
Dark Caracal: Cyber-espionage at a Global Scal
CrossRAT Bandook Dark Caracal