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2021-04-21FacebookMichael Flossman, Michael Scott
Technical Paper // Taking Action Against Arid Viper
Viper RAT Micropsia
2018-05-18LookoutAndrew Blaich, Michael Flossman
Stealth Mango and Tangelo: Nation state mobile surveillanceware stealing data from military & government officials
Stealth Mango Stealth Mango and Tangelo
2018-01-18LookoutAndrew Blaich, Apurva Kumar, Cooper Quintin, Eva Galperin, Jeremy Richards, Michael Flossman
Dark Caracal: Cyber-espionage at a Global Scal
CrossRAT Bandook Dark Caracal
2017-11-16LookoutMichael Flossman
Tropic Trooper goes mobile with Titan surveillanceware
Titan APT23
2017-10-20LookoutMichael Flossman
JadeRAT mobile surveillanceware spikes in espionage activity
2017-08-31LookoutMichael Flossman
Lookout discovers sophisticated xRAT malware tied to 2014 “Xsser / mRAT” surveillance campaign against Hong Kong protesters
2017-02-16LookoutMichael Flossman
ViperRAT: The mobile APT targeting the Israeli Defense Force that should be on your radar
Viper RAT AridViper