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2022-07-20KasperskyDmitry Galov, Jornt van der Wiel, Marc Rivero López, Sergey Lozhkin
Luna and Black Basta — new ransomware for Windows, Linux and ESXi
Black Basta Conti
2021-09-27KasperskyDmitry Galov, Leonid Bezvershenko, Marc Rivero López
BloodyStealer and gaming assets for sale
2021-05-12KasperskyDmitry Galov, Ivan Kwiatkowski, Leonid Bezvershenko
Ransomware world in 2021: who, how and why
Babuk REvil
2020-12-01Kaspersky LabsDmitry Galov, Leonid Bezvershenko, Vladislav Tushkanov
Dox, steal, reveal. Where does your personal data end up?
2017-12-18Kaspersky LabsAnton Kivva, Dmitry Galov, Nikita Buchka
Jack of all trades