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2024-01-15HarfangLabIvan Kwiatkowski
An Introduction to Reverse Engineering .NET AOT Applications
2023-05-19YouTube (NorthSec)Ivan Kwiatkowski
Go reverse-engineering workshop
2023-04-24Kaspersky LabsIvan Kwiatkowski, Pierre Delcher
Tomiris called, they want their Turla malware back
KopiLuwak Andromeda Ave Maria GoldMax JLORAT Kazuar Meterpreter QUIETCANARY RATel Roopy Telemiris tomiris Topinambour Tomiris
2022-03-10BrightTALK (Kaspersky GReAT)Costin Raiu, Dan Demeter, Ivan Kwiatkowski, Kurt Baumgartner, Marco Preuss
BrightTALK: A look at current cyberattacks in Ukraine
HermeticWiper HermeticWizard IsaacWiper PartyTicket WhisperGate
2021-10-27KasperskyIvan Kwiatkowski
Extracting type information from Go binaries
2021-09-29Kaspersky LabsIvan Kwiatkowski, Pierre Delcher
DarkHalo after SolarWinds: the Tomiris connection (UNC2849)
2021-05-12KasperskyDmitry Galov, Ivan Kwiatkowski, Leonid Bezvershenko
Ransomware world in 2021: who, how and why
Babuk REvil
2021-04-05KasperskyIvan Kwiatkowski, Mark Lechtik, Pierre Delcher
The leap of a Cycldek-related threat actor
2020-10-15Kaspersky LabsFélix Aime, Ivan Kwiatkowski, Pierre Delcher
IAmTheKing and the SlothfulMedia malware family
2020-08-24Kaspersky LabsIvan Kwiatkowski, Maher Yamout, Pierre Delcher
Lifting the veil on DeathStalker, a mercenary triumvirate
EVILNUM Janicab Evilnum
2020-07-28Kaspersky LabsFélix Aime, Ivan Kwiatkowski, Pierre Delcher
Lazarus on the hunt for big game
Dacls Dacls Dacls VHD Ransomware
2020-03-31Kaspersky LabsFélix Aime, Ivan Kwiatkowski, Pierre Delcher
Holy water: ongoing targeted water-holing attack in Asia