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2023-08-28JPCERT/CCKota Kino, Yuma Masubuchi
MalDoc in PDF - Detection bypass by embedding a malicious Word file into a PDF file –
2023-07-12JPCERT/CCYuma Masubuchi
DangerousPassword attacks targeting developers' Windows, macOS, and Linux environments
2023-05-29JPCERT/CCYuma Masabuchi
GobRAT malware written in Go language targeting Linux routers
2023-05-01JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
Attack trends related to the attack campaign DangerousPassword
RustBucket CageyChameleon Cur1Downloader SnatchCrypto
2022-09-15JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
F5 BIG-IP Vulnerability (CVE-2022-1388) Exploited by BlackTech
2022-07-07JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
YamaBot Malware Used by Lazarus
2022-07-05JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
VSingle malware that obtains C2 server information from GitHub
2022-05-16JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
Analysis of HUI Loader
HUI Loader PlugX Poison Ivy Quasar RAT
2022-03-15JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
Anti-UPX Unpacking Technique
2021-10-26JPCERT/CCYuma Masubuchi
Malware WinDealer used by LuoYu Attack Group
WinDealer Red Nue
2021-10-04JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
Malware Gh0stTimes Used by BlackTech
Gh0stTimes Ghost RAT
2021-07-12JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga, Yuma Masubuchi
Attack Exploiting XSS Vulnerability in E-commerce Websites
Unidentified JS 005 (Stealer)
2021-06-04JPCERT/CCKota Kino
PHP Malware Used in Lucky Visitor Scam
2021-05-27JPCERT/CCYuma Masubuchi
Attacks Embedding XMRig on Compromised Servers
2021-03-22JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
Lazarus Attack Activities Targeting Japan (VSingle/ValeforBeta)
2021-02-25JPCERT/CCKen Sajo
Emotet Disruption and Outreach to Affected Users
2021-02-18JPCERT/CCKota Kino
Further Updates in LODEINFO Malware
2021-01-26JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
Operation Dream Job by Lazarus
LCPDot Torisma Lazarus Group
2021-01-20JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
Commonly Known Tools Used by Lazarus
Lazarus Group
2021-01-19Twitter (@jpcert_ac)JPCERT/CC
Tweet on LODEINFO ver 0.47 spotted ITW targeting Japan