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2023-05-30Trend MicroFeike Hacquebord, Fernando Mercês, Lord Alfred Remorin, Stephen Hilt
Void Rabisu’s Use of RomCom Backdoor Shows a Growing Shift in Threat Actors’ Goals
2022-04-26Trend MicroLord Alfred Remorin, Ryan Flores, Stephen Hilt
How Cybercriminals Abuse Cloud Tunneling Services
AsyncRAT Cobalt Strike DarkComet Meterpreter Nanocore RAT
2020-12-17Trend MicroFeike Hacquebord, Lord Alfred Remorin
Pawn Storm’s Lack of Sophistication as a Strategy
2017-08-24Trend MicroLord Alfred Remorin, Stephen Hilt
Malicious Chrome Extensions Stealing Roblox In-Game Currency, Sending Cookies via Discord