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2024-06-05SekoiaCharles Meslay
The reverse engineering of malicious code in the ITC - Analysis of the evolution of a chain of infection (Slides)
2024-05-04Medium MITRE-EngenuityLex Crumpton
Technical Deep Dive: Understanding the Anatomy of a Cyber Intrusion
2024-05-03Aqua NautilusAqua Nautilus
Kinsing Demystified: A Comprehensive Technical Guide
2024-05-01MicrosoftDimitrios Valsamaras
“Dirty stream” attack: Discovering and mitigating a common vulnerability pattern in Android apps
2024-04-19dissect.ingScottish Fold
Exploiting a cryptographic vulnerability inside the Donex Ransomware
2024-04-15UC Santa CruzAlonso Rojas, Alvaro A. Cardenas, Bing Huang, Emmanuele Zambon, Juan Lozano, Keerthi Koneru, Luis Salazar, Marina Krotofil, Ross Baldick, Sebastian R. Castro
A Tale of Two Industroyers: It was the Season of Darkness
Industroyer INDUSTROYER2
Reported Supply Chain Compromise Affecting XZ Utils Data Compression Library, CVE-2024-3094
2024-03-05Team CymruS2 Research Team
Coper / Octo - A Conductor for Mobile Mayhem… With Eight Limbs?
2024-03-01HarfangLabHarfangLab CTI
A Comprehensive Analysis of i-SOON’s Commercial Offering
ShadowPad Winnti
2024-02-12Estrellas's BlogOtávio M.
Unveiling custom packers: A comprehensive guide
Dridex Simda
2024-02-09Department of JusticeOffice of Public Affairs
International Cybercrime Malware Service Dismantled by Federal Authorities: Key Malware Sales and Support Actors in Malta and Nigeria Charged in Federal Indictments
Ave Maria
2024-02-07LumenBlack Lotus Labs
KV-Botnet: Don’t call it a Comeback
2024-01-11ForescoutJos Wetzels
Clearing the Fog of War – A critical analysis of recent energy sector cyberattacks in Denmark and Ukraine
2024-01-09Trend MicroArianne Dela Cruz, Charles Steven Derion, Francisrey Joshua Castillo, Henry Salcedo, Ian Kenefick, John Carlo Marquez, John Rainier Navato, Joshua Aquino, Juhn Emmanuel Atanque, Raymart Yambot, Shinji Robert Arasawa
Black Basta-Affiliated Water Curupira’s Pikabot Spam Campaign
Pikabot Water Curupira
2023-12-14MandiantAdrian McCabe, Geoff Ackerman, Rufus Brown, Ryan Tomcik
Opening a Can of Whoop Ads: Detecting and Disrupting a Malvertising Campaign Distributing Backdoors
DanaBot DarkGate
2023-12-07Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Unit 42
Fighting Ursa Aka APT28: Illuminating a Covert Campaign
2023-12-06Carmelo Ragusa, Luigi Martire
Unveiling “Vetta Loader”: A custom loader hitting Italy and spread through infected USB Drives
Vetta Loader
2023-11-21CheckpointMarc Salinas Fernandez
The Platform Matters: A Comparative Study on Linux and Windows Ransomware Attacks
2023-10-27KasperskySeongsu Park
A cascade of compromise: unveiling Lazarus’ new campaign
LPEClient PostNapTea
2023-10-20Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Decoding a Cobalt Strike .hta Loader Using CyberChef and Emulation
Cobalt Strike