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2024-06-12SymantecSymantec Threat Hunter Team
Ransomware Attackers May Have Used Privilege Escalation Vulnerability as Zero-day
Black Basta
2024-05-16SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Springtail: New Linux Backdoor Added to Toolkit
Gomir Kimsuky
2023-12-19SymantecSymantec Threat Hunter Team
Seedworm: Iranian Hackers Target Telecoms Orgs in North and East Africa
2023-10-19SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Crambus: New Campaign Targets Middle Eastern Government
2023-10-10SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Grayling: Previously Unseen Threat Actor Targets Multiple Organizations in Taiwan
Cobalt Strike Havoc MimiKatz Grayling
2023-09-12SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Redfly: Espionage Actors Continue to Target Critical Infrastructure
ShadowPad Redfly
2023-09-11SymantecSymantec Threat Intelligence
Tweet about Symantec discovering a new variant of SiestaGraph
2023-08-22SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Carderbee: APT Group use Legit Software in Supply Chain Attack Targeting Orgs in Hong Kong
PlugX Carderbee
2023-07-18SymantecThreat Hunter Team
FIN8 Uses Revamped Sardonic Backdoor to Deliver Noberus Ransomware
BlackCat Unidentified 103 (FIN8)
2023-06-21SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Graphican: Flea Uses New Backdoor in Attacks Targeting Foreign Ministries
2023-06-15SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Shuckworm: Inside Russia’s Relentless Cyber Campaign Against Ukraine
2023-05-15SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Lancefly: Group Uses Custom Backdoor to Target Orgs in Government, Aviation, Other Sectors
Merdoor PlugX ShadowPad ZXShell Lancefly
2023-04-21SymantecThreat Hunter Team
X_Trader Supply Chain Attack Affects Critical Infrastructure Organizations in U.S. and Europe
2023-04-20SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Daggerfly: APT Actor Targets Telecoms Company in Africa
2023-04-19SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Play Ransomware Group Using New Custom Data-Gathering Tools
2023-04-04SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Mantis: New Tooling Used in Attacks Against Palestinian Targets
Arid Gopher Micropsia
2023-03-30SymantecThreat Hunter Team
3CX: Supply Chain Attack Affects Thousands of Users Worldwide
3CX Backdoor IconicStealer
2023-02-23SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Clasiopa: New Group Targets Materials Research
Atharvan HazyLoad Lilith
2023-02-22SymantecSymantec Threat Hunter Team
Hydrochasma: Previously Unknown Group Targets Medical and Shipping Organizations in Asia
Cobalt Strike
2023-01-05SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Bluebottle: Campaign Hits Banks in French-speaking Countries in Africa
CloudEyE Cobalt Strike MimiKatz NetWire RC POORTRY Quasar RAT BlueBottle