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2019-10-23Virus BulletinAdolf Středa, Jan Širmer, Luigino Camastra
Spoofing in the reeds with Rietspoof
2019-09-12AvastAdolf Středa, Luigino Camastra
The tangle of WiryJMPer’s obfuscation
NetWire RC
2019-02-20Avast DecodedAdolf Středa, Jan Širmer, Luigino Camastra, Lukáš Obrdlík
Spoofing in the reeds with Rietspoof
2018-12-04AvastAdolf Středa, Jan Neduchal
Hide ‘N Seek botnet continues infecting devices with default credentials, building a P2P network and more.
Hide and Seek
2018-05-04AvastAdolf Středa, Jan Širmer
Botception with Necurs: Botnet distributes script with bot capabilities