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2023-11-20Outpost24Alberto Marín
Unveiling LummaC2 stealer’s novel Anti-Sandbox technique: Leveraging trigonometry for human behavior detection
Lumma Stealer
2023-04-05Outpost24Alberto Marín
Everything you need to know about the LummaC2 Stealer: Leveraging IDA Python and Unicorn to deobfuscate Windows API Hashing
Lumma Stealer
2021-05-07BluelivAlberto Marín
An In-Depth analysis of the new Taurus Stealer
Taurus Stealer
2020-12-14BluelivAlberto Marín, Blueliv Labs Team, Carlos Rubio
Using Qiling Framework to Unpack TA505 packed samples
AndroMut Azorult Silence TinyMet
2019-07-29BluelivAlberto Marín
An analysis of a spam distribution botnet: the inner workings of Onliner Spambot