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2021-11-23AnomaliAnomali Threat Research
Mummy Spider’s Emotet Malware is Back After a Year Hiatus; Wizard Spider’s TrickBot Observed in Its Return
2021-02-10AnomaliAnomali Threat Research, Gage Mele, Winston Marydasan, Yury Polozov
Probable Iranian Cyber Actors, Static Kitten, Conducting Cyberespionage Campaign Targeting UAE and Kuwait Government Agencies
2020-08-10AnomaliJoakim Kennedy, Rory Gould
Anomali Threat Research Releases First Public Analysis of Smaug Ransomware as a Service
2020-03-22AnomaliAnomali Threat Research
COVID-19 Themes Are Being Utilized by Threat Actors of Varying Sophistication
2019-06-11AnomaliAnomali Threat Research
The InterPlanetary Storm: New Malware in Wild Using InterPlanetary File System’s (IPFS) p2p network