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2021-09-02AnomaliGage Mele, Rory Gould, Sean Townsend, Tara Gould
Cybercrime Group FIN7 Using Windows 11 Alpha-Themed Docs to Drop Javascript Backdoor
2021-05-13AnomaliGage Mele, Tara Gould
Threat Actors Use MSBuild to Deliver RATs Filelessly
2021-04-19AnomaliGage Mele, Tara Gould, Yury Polozov
PRIMITIVE BEAR (Gamaredon) Targets Ukraine with Timely Themes
2021-03-31AnomaliGage Mele, Tara Gould, Winston Marydasan, Yury Polozov
Bahamut Possibly Responsible for Multi-Stage Infection Chain Campaign
2021-02-10AnomaliAnomali Threat Research, Gage Mele, Winston Marydasan, Yury Polozov
Probable Iranian Cyber Actors, Static Kitten, Conducting Cyberespionage Campaign Targeting UAE and Kuwait Government Agencies
2020-06-25AnomaliGage Mele, Parthiban Rajendran
Unknown China-Based APT Targeting Myanmarese Entities