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2024-03-27EclecticIQArda Büyükkaya
Operation FlightNight: Indian Government Entities and Energy Sector Targeted by Cyber Espionage Campaign
2023-10-05EclecticIQArda Büyükkaya
Chinese State-Sponsored Cyber Espionage Activity Targeting Semiconductor Industry in East Asia
ChargeWeapon Carderbee
2023-08-10EclecticIQArda Büyükkaya
German Embassy Lure: Likely Part of Campaign Against NATO Aligned Ministries of Foreign Affairs
Unidentified 107 (APT29)
2022-09-25YouTube (Arda Büyükkaya)Arda Büyükkaya
Cobalt Strike Shellcode Loader With Rust (YouTube)
Cobalt Strike
2022-09-05Infinitum ITArda Büyükkaya
Bumblebee Loader Malware Analysis
2022-08-04YouTube (Arda Büyükkaya)Arda Büyükkaya
LockBit Ransomware Sideloads Cobalt Strike Through Microsoft Security Tool
Cobalt Strike LockBit
2022-04-08Infinitum LabsArda Büyükkaya
Threat Spotlight: Conti Ransomware Group Behind the Karakurt Hacking Team
Cobalt Strike MimiKatz
2022-04-06Github (infinitumlabs)Arda Büyükkaya
Karakurt Hacking Team Indicators of Compromise (IOC)
Cobalt Strike
2022-03-08Github (whichbuffer)Arda Büyükkaya