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2020-10-23BellingcatBellingcat Investigation Team
Russia’s Clandestine Chemical Weapons Programme and the GRU’s Unit 29155
2020-10-22BellingcatBellingcat Investigation Team
Russian Vehicle Registration Leak Reveals Additional GRU Hackers
2020-09-04BellingcatBellingcat Investigation Team
Post-Mortem of a Triple Poisoning: New Details Emerge in GRU's Failed Murder Attempts in Bulgaria
2020-05-05BellingcatChristo Grozev
Who Is Dmitry Badin, The GRU Hacker Indicted By Germany Over The Bundestag Hacks?
2017-10-27BellingcatCollin Anderson
Bahamut Revisited, More Cyber Espionage in the Middle East and South Asia
Bahamut Bahamut Bahamut
2017-06-12BellingcatCollin Anderson
Bahamut, Pursuing a Cyber Espionage Actor in the Middle East
Bahamut Bahamut Bahamut