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Actor(s): Bahamut, Dropping Elephant

According to PCrisk, Bahamut is the name of Android malware with spyware functionality. Threat actors use Bahamut to steal sensitive information. The newest malware version targets various messaging apps and personally identifiable information.

2022-11-23ESET ResearchLukáš Štefanko
Bahamut cybermercenary group targets Android users with fake VPN apps
2022-06-29cybleCyble Research Labs
Bahamut Android Malware Returns With New Spying Capabilities
2022-04-12360 Threat Intelligence Center360 Beacon Lab
Recent attacks by Bahamut group revealed
2020-10-06BlackberryBlackberry Research
BAHAMUT: Hack-for-Hire Masters of Phishing, Fake News, and Fake Apps
Bahamut Bahamut
2018-08-29Trend MicroDaniel Lunghi, Ecular Xu
The Urpage Connection to Bahamut, Confucius and Patchwork
AndroRAT Bahamut
2018-08-29Trend MicroDaniel Lunghi, Ecular Xu
Bahamut, Confucius and Patchwork Connected to Urpage
Bahamut Confucius Urpage
2017-10-27BellingcatCollin Anderson
Bahamut Revisited, More Cyber Espionage in the Middle East and South Asia
Bahamut Bahamut Bahamut
2017-06-12BellingcatCollin Anderson
Bahamut, Pursuing a Cyber Espionage Actor in the Middle East
Bahamut Bahamut Bahamut

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