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2023-06-16BitdefenderAndrei Lapusneanu, Bogdan Botezatu
Fragments of Cross-Platform Backdoor Hint at Larger Mac OS Attack
2021-08-25BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Cristina Vatamanu, Eduard Budaca, Victor Vrabie
FIN8 Threat Actor Goes Agile with New Sardonic Backdoor
2021-07-21BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Victor Vrabie
LuminousMoth – PlugX, File Exfiltration and Persistence Revisited
2021-07-12BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Radu Tudorica
A Fresh Look at Trickbot’s Ever-Improving VNC Module
2021-05-18BitdefenderAron Radu, Bogdan Botezatu, George Mihali, Mihai Neagu, Ștefan Trifescu
New WastedLoader Campaign Delivered Through RIG Exploit Kit
WastedLoader WastedLocker
2021-04-28BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Victor Vrabie
New Nebulae Backdoor Linked with the NAIKON Group
2021-04-13BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Eduard Budaca
From Cracks to Empty Wallets – How Popular Cracks Lead to Digital Currency and Data Theft
2021-03-10BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Victor Vrabie
FIN8 Returns with Improved BADHATCH Toolkit
2021-02-04BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu
Fonix Ransomware Decryptor
2020-10-08BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Janos Gergo Szeles
Dissecting LemonDuck Crypto-Miner, a KingMiner Successor
Lemon Duck
2020-09-24BitdefenderAlexandra Bocereg, Bogdan Botezatu, Ioan-Septimiu Dinulica, Oana Asoltanei
Apps on Google Play Tainted with Cerberus Banker Malware
2020-07-08BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Janos Gergo Szeles
Kingminer –a Crypto-Jacking Botnet Under the Scope
2019-06-25BitdefenderAndrei Ardelean, Bogdan Botezatu, Claudiu Stefan Coblis, Cristian Alexandru, Cristofor Ochinca, Istrate
Scranos Revisited – Rethinking persistence to keep established network alive
Scranos Yoddos
2019-06-17BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu
Good riddance, GandCrab! We’re still fixing the mess you left behind
2019-04-16BitdefenderAndrei Ardelean, Bogdan Botezatu, Cristofor Ochinca
Inside Scranos – A Cross Platform, Rootkit-Enabled Spyware Operation
2019-02-19BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu
New GandCrab v5.1 Decryptor Available Now
2018-10-25BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu
GandCrab Ransomware decryption tool
2018-05-07BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu
Hide and Seek IoT Botnet resurfaces with new tricks, persistence
Hide and Seek
2018-04-13BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Eduard Budaca
RadRAT: An all-in-one toolkit for complex espionage ops
2018-02-01BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Ivona Alexandra Chili
Operation PZChao: a possible return of the Iron Tiger APT
2018-01-24BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu
New Hide ‘N Seek IoT Botnet using custom-built Peer-to-Peer communication spotted in the wild
Hide and Seek
2017-05-05BitdefenderAdrian Schipur, Alexandru Maximciuc, Bogdan Botezatu, Cristina Vatamanu
Inside Netrepser – a JavaScript-based Targeted Attack