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2021-04-13KasperskyBoris Larin, Brian Bartholomew, Costin Raiu
Zero-day vulnerability in Desktop Window Manager (CVE-2021-28310) used in the wild
2020-03-26Kaspersky LabsAlexey Firsh, Brian Bartholomew, Kurt Baumgartner
iOS exploit chain deploys LightSpy feature-rich malware
dmsSpy lightSpy TwoSail Junk
2020-01-03Youtube (BSides Belfast)Brian Bartholomew
Nice One, Dad: Dissecting A Rare Malware Used By Leviathan
2019-11-05Brian Bartholomew
2017-02-02Kaspersky LabsBrian Bartholomew
KopiLuwak: A New JavaScript Payload from Turla
2016-09-07Virus BulletinBrian Bartholomew, Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade
Wave Your False Flags! Deception Tactics Muddying Attribution in Targeted Attacks
DuQu JripBot Sinowal Stuxnet Wipbot