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2022-11-21Risky.bizCatalin Cimpanu
Risky Biz News: Cyber Partisans hack and disrupt Kremlin censor
Cyber Partisans
2022-06-13Risky.bizCatalin Cimpanu
Risky Biz News: Google shuts down YouTube Russian propaganda channels
Lilac Typhoon
2022-02-27The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
Conti ransomware gang chats leaked by pro-Ukraine member
Conti LockBit
2022-02-24The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
TrickBot gang shuts down botnet after months of inactivity
2022-02-23The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
Second data wiper attack hits Ukraine computer networks
HermeticWiper WhisperGate
2022-02-21The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
Chinese hackers linked to months-long attack on Taiwanese financial sector
Quasar RAT
2022-02-18The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
Academics publish method for recovering data encrypted by the Hive ransomware
Hive Hive
2022-02-16The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
Red Cross blames hack on Zoho vulnerability, suspects APT attack
2022-02-13The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
San Francisco 49ers confirm ransomware attack
2021-12-28The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
Iranian hackers behind Cox Media Group ransomware attack (DEV-0270)
2021-11-08The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
US arrests and charges Ukrainian man for Kaseya ransomware attack
REvil REvil
2021-11-04The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
Google fixes Android zero-day exploited in the wild in targeted attacks (CVE-2021-1048)
2021-11-03The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
BlackMatter ransomware says its shutting down due to pressure from local authorities
2021-11-02The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
‘Destructive’ cyberattack hits National Bank of Pakistan
2021-10-22The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
DarkSide ransomware gang moves some of its Bitcoin after REvil got hit by law enforcement
BlackMatter DarkSide BlackMatter DarkSide
2021-10-19Twitter (@campuscodi)Catalin Cimpanu
Tweet on Moses Staff
2021-10-07The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
Netherlands can use intelligence or armed forces to respond to ransomware attacks
2021-10-07The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
Google notifies 14,000 Gmail users of targeted APT28 attacks
2021-09-29The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
Turkish national charged for DDoS attacks with the WireX botnet
2021-09-19The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
Alaska discloses ‘sophisticated’ nation-state cyberattack on health service