Lilac Typhoon  (Back to overview)

aka: DEV-0234

Lilac Typhoon is a threat actor attributed to China. They have been identified as exploiting the Atlassian Confluence RCE vulnerability CVE-2022-26134, which allows for remote code execution. This vulnerability has been used in cryptojacking campaigns and is included in commercial exploit frameworks. Lilac Typhoon has also been involved in deploying various payloads such as Cobalt Strike, web shells, botnets, coin miners, and ransomware.

Associated Families

There are currently no families associated with this actor.

Analysis of CISA releases Advisory on Top CVEs Exploited Chinese State-Sponsored Groups
Lilac Typhoon
2022-06-13Risky.bizCatalin Cimpanu
Risky Biz News: Google shuts down YouTube Russian propaganda channels
Lilac Typhoon
2022-06-11Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Threat Intelligence
Tweet on DEV-0401, DEV-0234 exploiting Confluence RCE CVE-2022-26134
Kinsing Mirai Cobalt Strike Lilac Typhoon

Credits: MISP Project