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2022-03-01CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Intelligence Team
Decryptable PartyTicket Ransomware Reportedly Targeting Ukrainian Entities
2022-02-23CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Intelligence Team
Access Brokers: Who Are the Targets, and What Are They Worth?
2022-01-28CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Intelligence Team
Lessons Learned From Successive Use of Offensive Cyber Operations Against Ukraine and What May Be Next
2022-01-27CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Intelligence Team
Early Bird Catches the Wormhole: Observations from the StellarParticle Campaign
2022-01-19CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Intelligence Team
Technical Analysis of the WhisperGate Malicious Bootloader
2021-12-10CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Intelligence Team
Log4j2 Vulnerability “Log4Shell” (CVE-2021-44228)
2021-10-12CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Intelligence Team
ECX: Big Game Hunting on the Rise Following a Notable Reduction in Activity
Babuk BlackMatter DarkSide REvil Avaddon Babuk BlackMatter DarkSide LockBit Mailto REvil
2021-09-14CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Intelligence Team
Big Game Hunting TTPs Continue to Shift After DarkSide Pipeline Attack
BlackMatter DarkSide REvil Avaddon BlackMatter Clop Conti CryptoLocker DarkSide DoppelPaymer Hades REvil
2021-08-04CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Intelligence Team, CrowdStrike IR, Falcon OverWatch Team
PROPHET SPIDER Exploits Oracle WebLogic to Facilitate Ransomware Activity
Cobalt Strike Egregor Mount Locker Prophet Spider
2021-01-11CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Intelligence Team
SUNSPOT: An Implant in the Build Process
2020-11-18CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Intelligence Team, Falcon OverWatch Team
Hacking Farm to Table: Threat Hunters Uncover Rise in Attacks Against Agriculture
2020-09-24CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Intelligence Team
Double Trouble: Ransomware with Data Leak Extortion, Part 1
DoppelPaymer Gandcrab LockBit Maze MedusaLocker RagnarLocker SamSam OUTLAW SPIDER OVERLORD SPIDER