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2021-06-08Trend MicroDavid Sancho, Feike Hacquebord, Fernando Mercês, Ian Kenefick, Mayra Fuentes, Robert McArdle, Stephen Hilt, Vladimir Kropotov
Modern Ransomware’s Double Extortion Tactics and How to Protect Enterprises Against Them
2018-03-30Trend MicroDavid Sancho, Massimiliano Michenz, Numaan Huq
Cashing in on ATM Malware: A Comprehensive Look at Various Attack Types
Project Alice ATMitch Ploutus ATM Ripper ATM Skimer SUCEFUL Tyupkin
2017-12-14Trend MicroDavid Sancho, Fernando Mercês
Dissecting PRILEX and CUTLET MAKER ATM Malware Families
2016-12-20Trend MicroDavid Sancho, Numaan Huq
Alice: A Lightweight, Compact, No-Nonsense ATM Malware
Project Alice
2016-03-01Trend MicroDavid Sancho, Feike Hacquebord
Operation C-Major: Information Theft Campaign Targets Military Personnel in India
Operation C-Major
2009-05-22Trend MicroAlice Decker, David Sancho, Loucif Kharouni, Max Goncharov, Robert McArdle
Pushdo / Cutwail Botnet