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2022-03-24Trend MicroCifer Fang, Fyodor Yarochkin, Loseway Lu, Qi Sun, Vladimir Kropotov
Keeping Assets Safe From Cryptocurrency Scams and Schemes (Technical Brief)
2022-02-16Trend MicroFyodor Yarochkin, Paul Pajares, Ryan Flores, Vladimir Kropotov, Zhengyu Dong
SMS PVA Services' Use of Infected Android Phones Reveals Flaws in SMS Verification
2021-11-13Trend MicroIan Kenefick, Vladimir Kropotov
QAKBOT Loader Returns With New Techniques and Tools
2021-11-12Trend MicroIan Kenefick, Vladimir Kropotov
The Prelude to Ransomware: A Look into Current QAKBOT Capabilities and Global Activities
2021-06-08Trend MicroDavid Sancho, Feike Hacquebord, Fernando Mercês, Ian Kenefick, Mayra Fuentes, Robert McArdle, Stephen Hilt, Vladimir Kropotov
Modern Ransomware’s Double Extortion Tactics and How to Protect Enterprises Against Them
2021-04-30Trend MicroCedric Pernet, Fyodor Yarochkin, Vladimir Kropotov
How Cybercriminals Abuse OpenBullet for Credential Stuffing
2021-01-25Trend MicroFyodor Yarochkin, Loseway Lu, Marshall Chen, Matsukawa Bakuei, Vladimir Kropotov
Fake Office 365 Used for Phishing Attacks on C-Suite Targets
2020-10-06Trend MicroFyodor Yarochkin, Robert McArdle, Vladimir Kropotov
The Hacker Infrastructure and Underground Hosting: Cybercrime Modi Operandi and OpSec
2020-01-01Trend MicroFyodor Yarochkin, Robert McArdle, Vladimir Kropotov
The Hacker Infrastructureand Underground Hosting:Services Used by Criminals