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2022-04-05Trend MicroAbdelrhman Sharshar, Earle Earnshaw, Ian Kenefick, Lucas Silva, Mohamed Fahmy, Ryan Maglaque
Thwarting Loaders: From SocGholish to BLISTER’s LockBit Payload
Blister LockBit
2021-06-15Trend MicroByron Gelera, Earle Earnshaw, Janus Agcaoili, Miguel Ang, Nikko Tamana
Ransomware Double Extortion and Beyond: REvil, Clop, and Conti
Clop Conti REvil
2021-04-27Trend MicroEarle Earnshaw, Janus Agcaoili
Legitimate Tools Weaponized for Ransomware in 2021
Cobalt Strike MimiKatz
2019-09-09Trend MicroEarle Earnshaw, Johnlery Triunfante
‘Purple Fox’ Fileless Malware with Rookit Component Delivered by Rig Exploit Kit Now Abuses PowerShell