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2020-05-07FireEye IncJeremy Kennelly, Joshua Shilko, Kimberly Goody
Navigating the MAZE: Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Associated With MAZE Ransomware Incidents
2018-10-01Youtube (FireEye Inc.)Christopher DiGiamo, Jacqueline O’Leary, Nalani Fraser
CDS 2018 | Unmasking APT X
2015-07-29Youtube (FireEye Inc.)FireEye
HAMMERTOSS: Stealthy Tactics Define a Russian Cyber Threat Group
2013-12-12FireEye IncJames T. Bennett, Kenneth Geers, Mike Scott, Nart Villeneuve, Ned Moran, Thoufique Haq
OPERATION “KE3CHANG”:Targeted Attacks Against Ministries of Foreign Affairs
Tidepool APT15