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2022-02-08GuidePoint SecurityDrew Schmitt
Using Hindsight to Close a Cuba Cold Case
2021-09-21GuidePoint SecurityDrew Schmitt
A Ransomware Near Miss: ProxyShell, a RAT, and Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike
2021-05-14GuidePoint SecurityDrew Schmitt
From ZLoader to DarkSide: A Ransomware Story
DarkSide Cobalt Strike Zloader
2021-04-23GuidePoint SecurityDrew Schmitt
Mount Locker Ransomware Steps up Counter-IR Capabilities, Hindering Efforts for Detection, Response and Investigation
Mount Locker
2021-03-30GuidePoint SecurityDrew Schmitt
Yet Another Cobalt Strike Stager: GUID Edition
Cobalt Strike
2020-12-16GuidePoint SecurityWes Riley
SUPERNOVA SolarWinds .NET Webshell Analysis
2020-12-14GuidePoint SecurityGuidePoint Security
SUPERNOVA SolarWinds .NET Webshell Analysis