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2023-11-30BlackberryBlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team, Dmitry Bestuzhev
AeroBlade on the Hunt Targeting the U.S. Aerospace Industry
2023-07-08BlackberryBlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
RomCom Threat Actor Suspected of Targeting Ukraine's NATO Membership Talks at the NATO Summit
2023-06-27ZeroFoxZeroFox Dark Ops intelligence team
The Underground Economist: Volume 3, Issue 12
DarkGate Meduza Stealer
2023-05-08BlackberryBlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
SideWinder Uses Server-side Polymorphism to Attack Pakistan Government Officials — and Is Now Targeting Turkey
2023-03-31BlackberryThe BlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
Initial Implants and Network Analysis Suggest the 3CX Supply Chain Operation Goes Back to Fall 2022
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-14BlackberryBlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
NOBELIUM Uses Poland's Ambassador’s Visit to the U.S. to Target EU Governments Assisting Ukraine
EnvyScout GraphicalNeutrino
2023-03-08MalwarebytesMalwarebytes Threat Intelligence Team
Ransomware review: March 2023
2023-02-27BlackberryBlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
Blind Eagle Deploys Fake UUE Files and Fsociety to Target Colombia's Judiciary, Financial, Public, and Law Enforcement Entities
AsyncRAT APT-C-36
2023-02-15BlackberryBlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
DarkBit Ransomware Targets Israel with Command-Line Options and Optimized Encryption Routines
2023-01-20BlackberryBlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
Emotet Returns With New Methods of Evasion
Emotet IcedID
2023-01-19BlackberryBlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
Gamaredon (Ab)uses Telegram to Target Ukrainian Organizations
Unidentified VBS 006 (Telegram Loader)
2022-12-06BlackberryBlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
Mustang Panda Uses the Russian-Ukrainian War to Attack Europe and Asia Pacific Targets
2022-12-02Avast DecodedThreat Intelligence Team
Hitching a ride with Mustang Panda
2022-11-21BlackberryBlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
Gamaredon Leverages Microsoft Office Docs to Target Ukraine Government and Military
2022-10-23BlackberryThe BlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
Unattributed RomCom Threat Actor Spoofing Popular Apps Now Hits Ukrainian Militaries
2022-10-13BlackberryThe BlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
BianLian Ransomware Encrypts Files in the Blink of an Eye
2022-10-06BlackberryThe BlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
Mustang Panda Abuses Legitimate Apps to Target Myanmar Based Victims
2022-08-31Intel 471Intel 471 Malware Intelligence team
ERMAC 2.0: Perfecting the Account Takeover
2022-08-25MicrosoftMicrosoft 365 Defender Research Team, Microsoft 365 Defender Threat Intelligence Team, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC)
MERCURY leveraging Log4j 2 vulnerabilities in unpatched systems to target Israeli organizations
2022-08-18BlackberryThe BlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
Luca Stealer Targets Password Managers and Cryptocurrency Wallets
Luca Stealer