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2023-03-22Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Jaeson Schultz
Emotet Resumes Spam Operations, Switches to OneNote
2020-11-18CiscoEdmund Brumaghin, Jaeson Schultz, Nick Biasini
Back from vacation: Analyzing Emotet’s activity in 2020
2019-04-30Cisco TalosColin Grady, Jaeson Schultz, Matt Valites, Pierre Cadieux
Sodinokibi ransomware exploits WebLogic Server vulnerability
2019-02-04CiscoJaeson Schultz, Paul Rascagnères, Warren Mercer
ExileRAT shares C2 with LuckyCat, targets Tibet
LuckyCat Exile RAT
2017-06-21CiscoAlex Chiu, Jaeson Schultz, Matthew Molyett, Sean Baird, Warren Mercer
Player 1 Limps Back Into the Ring - Hello again, Locky!
2017-03-20Cisco TalosEarl Carter, Edmund Brumaghin, Jaeson Schultz, Sean Baird
Necurs Diversifies Its Portfolio