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2022-08-10CiscoNick Biasini
Cisco Talos shares insights related to recent cyber attack on Cisco
Yanluowang UNC2447
2022-07-13CiscoNick Biasini
Transparent Tribe begins targeting education sector in latest campaign
Crimson RAT Oblique RAT
2022-01-21Talos IntelligenceChris Neal, Dmytro Korzhevin, Matt Olney, Michael Chen, Nick Biasini
Ukraine Campaign Delivers Defacement and Wipers, in Continued Escalation
2021-06-22CiscoNick Biasini
Attackers in Executive Clothing - BEC continues to separate orgs from their money
2021-04-07TalosChris Neal, Edmund Brumaghin, Nick Biasini, Paul Eubanks.
Sowing Discord: Reaping the benefits of collaboration app abuse
2020-12-14Cisco TalosNick Biasini
Threat Advisory: SolarWinds supply chain attack
2020-11-18CiscoEdmund Brumaghin, Jaeson Schultz, Nick Biasini
Back from vacation: Analyzing Emotet’s activity in 2020
2020-07-01Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Mariano Graziano, Nick Biasini
Threat Spotlight: Valak Slithers Its Way Into Manufacturing and Transportation Networks
Valak IcedID ISFB MyKings Spreader
2020-05-11Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Nick Biasini, Nick Lister
Astaroth - Maze of obfuscation and evasion reveals dark stealer
2020-02-13TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Nick Biasini
Threat actors attempt to capitalize on coronavirus outbreak
Emotet Nanocore RAT Parallax RAT
2019-05-23Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Nick Biasini
Sorpresa! JasperLoader targets Italy with a new bag of tricks
2019-04-25CiscoAndrew Williams, Edmund Brumaghin, Nick Biasini
JasperLoader Emerges, Targets Italy with Gootkit Banking Trojan
2019-03-20Cisco TalosNick Biasini
Ransomware or Wiper? LockerGoga Straddles the Line
2019-02-20Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Matthew Molyett, Nick Biasini
Combing Through Brushaloader Amid Massive Detection Uptick
2018-05-09Cisco TalosChristopher Marczewski, Nick Biasini, Nick Lister
Gandcrab Ransomware Walks its Way onto Compromised Sites
2017-10-24Cisco TalosNick Biasini
Threat Spotlight: Follow the Bad Rabbit
2015-03-20Cisco TalosAlain Zidouemba, Andrea Allievi, Angel Villegas, Ben Baker, Douglas Goddard, JJ Cummings, Nick Biasini, William Largent
Threat Spotlight: PoSeidon, A Deep Dive Into Point of Sale Malware