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2023-08-31Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin
SapphireStealer: Open-source information stealer enables credential and data theft
2023-04-04Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin
Typhon Reborn V2: Updated stealer features enhanced anti-analysis and evasion capabilities
Typhon Stealer
2023-03-22Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Jaeson Schultz
Emotet Resumes Spam Operations, Switches to OneNote
2022-11-09Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin
Threat Spotlight: Cyber Criminal Adoption of IPFS for Phishing, Malware Campaigns
Agent Tesla
2022-08-04Cisco TalosArnaud Zobec, Azim Khodjibaev, Edmund Brumaghin, Matt Thaxton
Attackers leveraging Dark Utilities "C2aaS" platform in malware campaigns
2022-04-14Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Vanja Svajcer
"Haskers Gang" Introduces New ZingoStealer
Ginzo Stealer ZingoStealer
2022-04-14Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Michael Chen, Vanja Svajcer
Threat Spotlight: "Haskers Gang" Introduces New ZingoStealer
RedLine Stealer
2022-04-05Cisco TalosAlex Karkins, Edmund Brumaghin
Threat Spotlight: AsyncRAT campaigns feature new version of 3LOSH crypter
AsyncRAT LimeRAT
2021-10-26Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Mariano Graziano, Nick Mavis
SQUIRRELWAFFLE Leverages malspam to deliver Qakbot, Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike QakBot Squirrelwaffle
2021-08-31Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Vitor Ventura
Attracting flies with Honey(gain): Adversarial abuse of proxyware
2021-08-12Arnaud Zobec, Edmund Brumaghin, Joe Marshall
Vice Society Leverages PrintNightmare In Ransomware Attacks
2021-05-07Cisco TalosAndrew Windsor, Caitlin Huey, Edmund Brumaghin
Lemon Duck spreads its wings: Actors target Microsoft Exchange servers, incorporate new TTPs
CHINACHOPPER Cobalt Strike Lemon Duck
2021-04-07TalosChris Neal, Edmund Brumaghin, Nick Biasini, Paul Eubanks.
Sowing Discord: Reaping the benefits of collaboration app abuse
2020-11-18CiscoEdmund Brumaghin, Jaeson Schultz, Nick Biasini
Back from vacation: Analyzing Emotet’s activity in 2020
2020-09-02Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Holger Unterbrink
Salfram: Robbing the place without removing your name tag
Ave Maria ISFB SmokeLoader Zloader
2020-07-06Cisco TalosArnaud Zobec, Ben Baker, Edmund Brumaghin, JJ Cummings
WastedLocker Goes "Big-Game Hunting" in 2020
2020-07-01Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Mariano Graziano, Nick Biasini
Threat Spotlight: Valak Slithers Its Way Into Manufacturing and Transportation Networks
Valak IcedID ISFB MyKings Spreader
2020-05-11Cisco TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Nick Biasini, Nick Lister
Astaroth - Maze of obfuscation and evasion reveals dark stealer
2020-04-23Cisco TalosAmit Raut, Edmund Brumaghin
Threat Spotlight: MedusaLocker
2020-02-13TalosEdmund Brumaghin, Nick Biasini
Threat actors attempt to capitalize on coronavirus outbreak
Emotet Nanocore RAT Parallax RAT