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2024-02-27MandiantChen Evgi, Jonathan Leathery, Ofir Rozmann
When Cats Fly: Suspected Iranian Threat Actor UNC1549 Targets Israeli and Middle East Aerospace and Defense Sectors
2021-12-06MandiantAshraf Abdalhalim, Ben Read, Doug Bienstock, Gabriella Roncone, Jonathan Leathery, Josh Madeley, Juraj Sucik, Luis Rocha, Luke Jenkins, Manfred Erjak, Marius Fodoreanu, Microsoft Detection and Response Team (DART), Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC), Mitchell Clarke, Parnian Najafi, Sarah Hawley, Wojciech Ledzion
Suspected Russian Activity Targeting Government and Business Entities Around the Globe (UNC2452)
Cobalt Strike CryptBot
2021-03-04FireEyeBen Read, Jonathan Leathery, Lindsay Smith
New SUNSHUTTLE Second-Stage Backdoor Uncovered Targeting U.S.-Based Entity; Possible Connection to UNC2452
2018-11-19FireEyeAndrew Thompson, Ben Withnell, Jonathan Leathery, Matthew Dunwoody, Michael Matonis, Nick Carr
Not So Cozy: An Uncomfortable Examination of a Suspected APT29 Phishing Campaign
Cobalt Strike