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2021-07-07CrowdStrikeKaran Sood, Liviu Arsene
How CrowdStrike Falcon Stops REvil Ransomware Used in the Kaseya Attack
2020-05-18CrowdStrikeKaran Sood, Liviu Arsene, Shaun Hurley
DarkSide Goes Dark: How CrowdStrike Falcon Customers Were Protected
DarkSide DarkSide
2018-05-21CrowdStrikeKaran Sood
An In-Depth Analysis of Samsam Ransomware and BOSS SPIDER
2018-01-25CrowdStrikeIan Barton, Jason Barnes, Karan Sood, Ryan McCombs
WannaMine Cryptomining: Harmless Nuisance or Disruptive Threat?
2017-11-10CrowdStrikeKaran Sood
CCleaner Stage 2: In-Depth Analysis of the Payload
CCleaner Backdoor
2017-10-04CrowdStrikeKaran Sood
Protecting the Software Supply Chain: Deep Insights into the CCleaner Backdoor
CCleaner Backdoor
2017-07-03CrowdStrikeKaran Sood, Shaun Hurley
NotPetya Technical Analysis Part II: Further Findings and Potential for MBR Recovery