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2022-10-31CynetMax Malyutin
Orion Threat Alert: Qakbot TTPs Arsenal and the Black Basta Ransomware
Black Basta Cobalt Strike QakBot
2022-04-14CynetMax Malyutin
Orion Threat Alert: Flight of the BumbleBee
BumbleBee Cobalt Strike
2022-02-24CynetMax Malyutin
New Wave of Emotet – When Project X Turns Into Y
Cobalt Strike Emotet
2021-11-11CynetMax Malyutin
A Duck Nightmare Quakbot Strikes with QuakNightmare Exploitation
Cobalt Strike QakBot
2021-09-28Twitter (@Max_Mal_)Max Malyutin
Tweet on how to debug SquirrelWaffle
2021-09-27CynetMax Malyutin
A Virtual Baffle to Battle Squirrelwaffle
Cobalt Strike Squirrelwaffle
2021-06-30CynetMax Malyutin
Shelob Moonlight – Spinning a Larger Web From IcedID to CONTI, a Trojan and Ransomware collaboration
Conti IcedID
2020-01-01CynetMax Malyutin
Threat Research Report: Clipbanker – 13 Second Attack