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2022-01-03MinervaLabsNatalie Zargarov
Malicious Telegram Installer Drops Purple Fox Rootkit
2021-11-09MinervaLabsMinerva Labs
A New DatopLoader Delivers QakBot Trojan
QakBot Squirrelwaffle
2021-07-07MinervaLabsMinerva Labs
Crackonosh - The Hidden Crypto Mining Malware
2021-05-27MinervaLabsTom Roter
Trapping A Fat Quasar RAT
Quasar RAT
2021-03-15MinervaLabsTom Roter
Taurus Stealer's Evolution
Taurus Stealer
2021-01-12Minerva LabsMinervaLabs
Slamming The Backdoor On BazarLoader
2017-03-15Github (MinervaLabsResearch)Minerva Labs
Vaccinating against Spora ransomware: a proof-of-concept tool by Minerva
2015-11-23MinervaLabsClearSky, MinervaLabs
CopyKittens Attack Group